This is pretty hot. The UK has a reality dating show called…

This is pretty hot. The UK has a reality dating show called “Love Island”. According to Wiki, contestants are members of the public who couple up on the first day based on first impressions.

Gabby, the only blonde haired, blue eyed girl on the show, chose to be with Marcel, the only black guy on the show.

“It’s like we were drawn to each other”, Gabby said. “The sexual tension was incredible.”

The sexual tension must’ve been even higher when Marcel learned that Gabby was abstaining from sex on the show – a promise she’d made to her mother. And she almost delivered on the promise. Almost.

Before the show’s end, Gabby finally gave in to Marcel, and in the aftermath began to profess her love – despite having met him only 2 months earlier. Whatever he introduced under the sheets must’ve really rocked her world.

Here’s a video of Gabby saying she can’t wait to have sex with Marcel, as the supportive and entirely white crowd cheers them on.

Maybe there’s hope for Britain after all.