The House

I just received an email from my lawyer.

I’ve been staying away from the house with a friend, laying low (no one, not even Gina or Rachel know where I am), and took the week off from work just in case Scott’s mother tried to do something to retaliate against me, try to get me in trouble, etc.

But, according to a friend of mine who’s been watching the house since I left Sunday evening, the Cunt Mother and her husband left the house early Monday morning by airport limo, and apparently flew back home. Kimberly’s been at the house all alone since then. No one else has gone by the house.

My husband’s lawyer sent over a settlement proposal to my lawyer along the lines I was hoping for, but with a twist. Scott agreed to permanently transfer to me all of his rights regarding the house… the right to live there, etc… in exchange for my agreeing to the divorce and for dropping all other claims.

But, according to my lawyer, because Scott’s daughter Kimberly (and his son) are also beneficiaries of the trust, and also have the right to live at the house, title to the house can’t legally be transferred to me without their consent. Basically, the house has to stay in the family.

It’s not quite what I wanted, but it means that I can at least continue to live there. So can Kimberly, but that’s okay. Scott’s son lives with his mother, so that’s not really an issue right now. But it might be later.

One positive thing is that I don’t have to pay for any of the maintenance, property taxes, insurance, association dues, or the rest. The trust would continue to pay for all that.

I emailed my lawyer back and told him I wanted to think about it for a few days, but that for sure, Scott would also have to agree to pay all of my legal fees.

So… I think we’re almost maybe done. I have to think this through, make sure this isn’t some kind of trick, etc.