Porn blocked in UK

Have you guys seen this news? Starting in April 2018, all porn sites will be blocked in the UK by default. To unlock access to them, you have to provide proof you are of legal age, and you will do so by entering your credit card details, just like a gambling site.

That’s right.

Free porn, paid porn, doesn’t matter. If you want to watch pornhub or any other porn site, you will need to first identify yourself via credit card number.

The law affects sites that do porn “commercially.” About the law:

The creation of the law was justified by stats compiled by the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC)…

…(the law) could prevent the ‘stumbled upon’ factor, where young children that have no intention of accessing pornography inadvertently do.

The classic “won’t someone think of the children!” tactic. Let’s block porn for every single adult because a relatively small % of parents are irresponsible and let their kids browse the internet without supervision.

Besides, I bet the #1 source of accidental porn discovery are sites like twitter, tumblr, etc., and they won’t be included in this block.

What is the UK’s end game here? Anytime someone pulls a “think of the children” card, there’s almost always ulterior motive.

Maybe the MPs got caught watching porn, and this is their way of furthering the taboo in order to get turned on, like racists do.

Tumblr’s error

Using this message as a bump to say:

“Check out my latest gifs”

because you probably haven’t see them ? This morning Tumblr simultaneously posted 4 gifs from my DRAFTS folder at 3:28 AM. WTF!

I left two of them up because they had already started to spread, so enjoy.

Looks like Tumblr is updating some policies.All I can say is wow…

Looks like Tumblr is updating some policies.

All I can say is wow Tumblr… fuck right off.

Most of this blog’s traffic comes from search engines, or other sites like reddit. AKA people who don’t have Tumblr accounts, and don’t want one. Now you’re gonna restrict my blog visibility to only logged in Tumblr users?

This really fucks me over.  

They say, “we’d appreciate you marking your blog”, as if we have a choice, but let’s be real. Already my posts are being auto flagged as “sensitive”, and it won’t be long before my entire blogs are forcefully marked as “Explicit” and I’m pseudo-blacklisted in the manner pictured above.

Also I’m confident in saying that a significant portion (if not the majority) of Tumblr’s traffic is porn/adult related. This is a huge change to their policy.

Am I overreacting or is Tumblr declaring war on porn?

new porn site

This isn’t really interracial but whatever

On pornhub I found a hilarious (but awesome) new porn site called “Box Truck Sex”. It’s just like Bangbus only, you guessed it, they have sex in a box truck instead. But there’s a Shyamalan twist.


The back of the truck is made out of one way looking glass. From inside the truck you can see the street, but from the street you can’t see inside the truck. They park on random streets and fuck while people are walking all around them, totally oblivious.

Here’s a sample video LOL

Imagine if they parked this in a racist white town and filmed interracial scenes. So a BBC is splitting open some blonde chick, while the background is full of white guys who could never get pussy like hers. Lots of potential here ?

Behind the Porn posts

If I did future Behind the Porn posts that weren’t 100% truthful, would you guys care?

I mean, if it’s presented as real, and you don’t fact check it, then the fantasy of it will be real. And that’s all porn is, just fantasy.

I’m only hesitant because fictionalizing a pornstar’s real life might make them, or someone else, mad. ?