This is pretty hot. The UK has a reality dating show called…

This is pretty hot. The UK has a reality dating show called “Love Island”. According to Wiki, contestants are members of the public who couple up on the first day based on first impressions.

Gabby, the only blonde haired, blue eyed girl on the show, chose to be with Marcel, the only black guy on the show.

“It’s like we were drawn to each other”, Gabby said. “The sexual tension was incredible.”

The sexual tension must’ve been even higher when Marcel learned that Gabby was abstaining from sex on the show – a promise she’d made to her mother. And she almost delivered on the promise. Almost.

Before the show’s end, Gabby finally gave in to Marcel, and in the aftermath began to profess her love – despite having met him only 2 months earlier. Whatever he introduced under the sheets must’ve really rocked her world.

Here’s a video of Gabby saying she can’t wait to have sex with Marcel, as the supportive and entirely white crowd cheers them on.

Maybe there’s hope for Britain after all.

A traditional baby announcement (“It’s a…

A traditional baby announcement (“It’s a boy!”) would never be good enough for a progressive girl like Katie.

After capturing the magical moment in which baby Jamal was conceived, Katie decided to include it as part of a digital announcement for all her family and friends.

Shout out to the white girls willing to admit they were racist,…

Shout out to the white girls willing to admit they were racist, back before some black guy(s) fucked the racism right out of them.

But it never goes away completely. Even a girl like Aidra still has creeping prejudice from time to time! At least until she does another interracial scene, as gif’d above.

If you look closely at her face, you can see the exact moment when she once again remembers, and fully believes, that Black Lives DO Matter.

Her favorite London club has become filled with Nigerian…

Her favorite London club has become filled with Nigerian immigrants who get hands-on aggressive when she’s had too much to drink

As the club’s alcohol pumped through her entire body, she experienced a temporary moment of sobriety, triggered by yet another uninvited hand entering her dress to traverse the terrain.

Should she seek out a more “traditional” British club and risk being accused of racism? Or should she relax and just go with the flow?

At that moment she looked down to see the flow in full effect. Two black fingers were walking their way up her inner thigh, and their promising nimbleness made the decision for her.

She would no longer contribute to racism.

She adjusted the wrist control she’d drunkenly grabbed in defense of the immigrating fingers. Rather than oppressing them further south, her now loosened grip served as a guide to the north, leading them up her thigh to the promised land.

An immense wave of pleasure soon followed, and she knew that rejecting racism was the correct decision in every way.

Truth is Stranger Than Fiction: Erin McAuliffe

This story came across my virtual desk today:


First the legal stuff. In North Carolina, the age of consent is 16 years old. That means these 3 guys nailing some 25 year old pussy is legal. However, as a teacher (an authority figure) you get in trouble for “taking advantage” (submissively spreading your legs) for a student, even if they’re 18.

Strangely enough, if she were at a different school than these students, there would be nothing legally wrong with this situation. AFAIK


Now, who were the students banging this hot teacher? Let’s look for clues on Erin’s Facebook:


And the plot thickens. It looks like Erin enjoys partying with black guys. Can you see where this is going?

Looking at the school’s twitter account, we can see that this college preparatory school, for whatever reason, is almost entirely black students:


You don’t have to do the math because I did it for you. Three different black students were going to pound town with this attractive white teacher.

To confirm this, I Twitter DM’d some of the students from this school. Only one of them has responded so far but that’s all it took for the story to unfold.

They said Ms. McAuliffe (Erin) had been initially seduced by a black student in what was supposed to be detention after school. That student then bragged to his friends, who then pseudo-blackmailed Erin into hooking up with them too.

This 4-way fuck fest went on for half the school year (occurring off campus) until a rare white student heard about Erin’s… uh… teaching methods. He too tried to blackmail her into having sex, but she rejected him. This pissed off the white student, so he snitched and brought the pussy train to a grinding halt.

Erin has been fired and has no future in teaching, but it’s safe to assume black dick has a long term future in her.


Edit: This post is a little too “dry” for a porn blog, but fuck…

Edit: This post is a little too “dry” for a porn blog, but fuck it. It’s interesting.

My interracial propaganda posts are nothing compared to professionally made content. Check out this new commercial in Sweden ?

Google translate:

Black Guy: Are we really only friends?

White Girl: He even thinks I like him?

Black Guy: Should I say something?

White Girl: Can he not just say that?
White Girl: Whatever I do not know.
White Girl: Now I’m going to do it, give him my hand.

And then closing lyrics sung by a (presumably white) female.

This is the way I wanna live, I’m going through changes

Changes is an understatement – never before have African men been so accessible to Swedish women. And as the commercial implies, many of these women are bravely discarding their racist upbringing, allowing them to discover everything the Africans have to offer, and more.