Why do you think people hate on interracial porn so much?

I think it’s mostly people trolling (looking for shock value) and a small, but vocal, percentage of them are actually racist.

Have you ever heard the stories, at least in the USA, how anti-gay religious leaders are often caught with a male prostitute? Something similar happens with racists I think. The more you condemn it, the more it becomes taboo, and the more it turns you on.

I keep this in mind anytime someone hates on IR via message. They’re probably typing with their dick in their hand and BLACKED opened in another tab.

And who could blame them?

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Anonymous said:

I saw in a couple of your old asks you mentioned posting on 4chan. Does that mean it’s you spamming IR all over /gif/? :^)

I used to post BBC on /pol/ for lulz but haven’t in ages. I still check /gif/ a few times a week because it’s kinda cool to see muh gifs organically appearing in BBC threads

Anonymous said:

Waaaaaah people won’t be able to see my shitty racist propaganda from Google anymore" Allow me to play the world’s smallest violin.

How dare you

Anonymous said:

Fuck you and you interracial! ?

How dare you

Anonymous said:

Can we get some pawg twerking gifs?

I’ve thought about mixing it up by posting content related to BBC. e.g. white girls that are built for black cock, white girls that need to be BLACKED, etc

Anonymous said:

lol are the jewish bylines on your articles deliberate?

All I do with article authors, titles, etc is closely 1:1 mimic the real article that inspired me.

Example if the real author is a Greek guy named Katsopolis, then the author here will be changed to a different Greek name, like Galifianakis, or something. Similar but different

Anonymous said:

Why didn’t you tag your Erin McAuliffe post as propaganda? It’s clearly bullshit.

That post is actually based on a true story. Google her name, or just look here

Anonymous said:

I like the stories. Do you think you’ll post any more soon?

I will eventually but don’t know the time frame. I enjoy writing them but captions/stories are one of those things that are awesome to do when you’re horny, but later on can seem cringey.

That feel when the hormone hypnotization breaks and you’re like, “what was I thinking?” You guys know what I’m talking about ?

Anonymous said:

What pornstars do you want to see go black next? I think Blacked. com as a company make more than enough money to convince some white-only pornstars to come to the dark side. Personally I wanna see Mia Malkova but apparently she doesn’t do porn anymore.

I don’t even know… I used to have a list but they’ve all joined the dark side by now. You know what I really wanna see? Some of these Instagram “models” doing IR.

Problem is they already make big money. It’s an open secret that many of them are high class escorts for Dubai oil, so porn money won’t attract them. Maybe a BBC will?

Anonymous said:

I love your blog, so I wanted to mention my BBC moment. When I was in high school I worked in this real rundown mall at a burger place in the food court. One afternoon I was inside the men’s restroom mopping the floors with a ‘Cleaning in Progress’ sign on the door to try and keep people out, but a black man came in and caught me grinding on the mop handle (as horny teenagers do, lmao) and long story short? I haven’t been turned on by white dick since. This blog’s out here telling the truth tbh.

Preach! And sounds like that black man won the lottery that day

Hey, you seen Nicole Aniston gone black? Her face when she gets penetrated and when she makes out with a black guy. Pure lust, no fake orgasms needed.

Yeah I did, she is so damn fine.

Some of these pornstars have scumbag agents who do a marketing strategy of no interracial scenes. Then the girl finally does interracial and has mega orgasms. All this “marketing strategy” does is make the girls full of regret like why didn’t I do this shit from the start?

I saw on twitter that Nicole has (enthusiastically) booked a lot more interracial scenes now. She’s at the point where it doesn’t matter what an agent says, because the BBC floodgates have been opened ?. No going back now baby

I watch porn allll the time nd my favorite porn is interracial bc love it when pussy is stretched by meaty thick dick. So I thought about that…how I like to watch big dicks….but I swear Id never in a million years have sex with another man. Am I gay?

Who knows. A lot of guys (including me) are in the same situation. All the years of watching porn has changed something in us. I mean, if it was a life or death situation, like someone holding a gun to my head, I would probably suck a dick. But gun or not, either way I would not enjoy it. And the thought of kissing a dude makes me physically cringe, like that shit is gross.

But yeah, I love watching big, huge, thick, monster black cocks pumping these pussies. I don’t know what that says about me lol ?

holy shit that behind the porn post was real? that makes it 1000% hotter

I know right. It’s like when something crazy happens in real life, people will say “Not even Hollywood could write a better script”… that’s what I thought of when I heard Leah Gotti’s story ?