So this either went really well or really bad.

It went well. Awesome. Crazy. Perfect.

Kimberly was like a beautiful flitting butterfly, talking, flirting, and attending to all her guests. She looked so hot in her new bikini.

I especially loved that she was just her usual fun, happy self, and didn’t temper anything she said or did just because I was around.

I had a great, open talk with her last week where I assured her that no matter what ends up happening between her father and I… that I really want us to stay close. I told her I love her and support her in all her decisions, and that she can always count of me when she needs me. We hugged and half-cried in support of each other. 

Later on in the evening, Kimberly and Darnell and a few others were in the hot tub, hanging out. He was sitting on the edge and I watched her give him head, right there, in front of the others. After a while, she got out of the hot tub and sat on his lap, facing him, wrapped her legs around him, and quietly, almost gently, rode his cock. She was topless, but still wearing her bikini bottoms, which she just pulled to the side. It was obvious to me that Darnell was inside her, but she was kind of quiet about it, just slowly gyrating her hips.

She knew I wasn’t far away, maybe 15 feet, sitting with Sandy and Frank, watching. But she didn’t care. It was a such a beautiful thing to watch. I loved how uninhibited she was.

As far as I could tell, Darnell was the only guy Kimberly had sex with last night.

Daysha was quite the little slut last night. I LOVE her fun, rocking personality! She was the first one of the girls to playfully take off her top; she has magnificent breasts. Soon afterwards, most of the other girls (including Sandy and I… and Kimberly) followed.

Later on, Ty and three of his friends ran a train on Daysha in the pool house.

And here’s the funny thing. When she came out to the pool afterwards, she had a button up shirt on, open in the front, with her breasts half exposed and swaying as she walked, and was wearing those panties that Ty had bought for Kimberly. He must have found them in her room somewhere. They’re white, with small black lettering on the front, that says “Black Cock Only”.

Kimberly’s other girlfriends… most (but not all) of them ended up hooking up with one of the guys at the party. After a while, people just kind of paired off. Some of them walked down to the beach, others found some other private place to hang out.

I didn’t know it at the time; I only found out this morning from Floyd, who called to thank me for inviting him. But one of the girls that Kimberly goes to school with lost her black cock cherry to him last night. She wasn’t a virgin virgin, but she told him she had never been with a black guy before. He said he gave her the full “thug experience”… as he put it… and banged her in one of the guest rooms. He said he’s gonna see her again tonight.

I partied late into the evening with Sandy and her husband Frank up in my bedroom, and were joined by the other couple they had invited to the party. 

One of Ty’s friends… he brought several… fucked Sandy while Frank smoked a cigar and watched it all from across the room.

Sandy isn’t a black cock aficionado like I am. She’s been with black men before, but not many. Frank occasionally permits her to enjoy dark meat, as long as he’s the one who sets it up and is around. Sandy is a hotwife, but of a different flavor. She’s not allowed to see men alone, or “date” on her own. Frank is quite dominant, and is always involved.

I had the lovely honor of going down on Sandy and cleaning her up after Ty’s friend fucked her. 

Our black stud… as is typical for black men… was quickly ready for round two, and had me next. It was hard, fast, and furious.

Whispering in his ear… “Don’t you dare make love to me. I need to be fucked!”… had the requisite effect on him.

After he was done, and busted his nut inside me, Frank had me next. I was kind of surprised that he put his cock inside my dirty cummy pussy like that, but was happy he did. Frank is nicely hung… for a white man, ha ha… and quite good in bed.

Feeling him slide inside me was nice… but I was so wet and slippery and stretched out already… I felt guilty that I wasn’t tight and fresh for him. But he didn’t seem to mind.

When Frank was done with me… he didn’t last long… Sandy returned the favor and cleaned me up.

The Cunt Mother… well… I’ll have to tell you later what ended up happening to her.