How did the “Foot Rub” go with surfer boy last night?

It was awesome! He’s so much fun to hang out with. And so incredibly cute and eager to please.

I first had him wash my feet with soap and water, then massage them with coconut oil.

I invited him to join me in the hot tub outside, after explaining “pool rules” to him.

We were in there maybe half an hour. It was a nice opportunity for us to talk.

After a while I got out and relaxed on one of the lounge chairs, and invited him to service me… which he did.

I always refer to it as “mommy’s pussy”, which he seems to like.

Once again, as I had before, I told him that if he could make me cum within 10 minutes, I’d let him put his little penis inside me.

He was very enthusiastic, and really tried, but once again, didn’t quite make the deadline. So I gave him a nice footjob instead, and let him cum all over my feet.

I was going to make him lick and clean up his mess, but then decided he isn’t quite ready for that. So I had him get a hot wash cloth instead.

Then he went home.