Dark Tinder


As of last night, it had been almost a month since I’d felt a nice big thick black cock violently moving between my legs.

My last time with James was actually pretty routine. He got home, and wanted a blowjob, which I always loved doing for him.

He sat on the couch, I knelt down in front of him, and he took it out. He made me suck it for a long time.

I had just finished breastfeeding the baby, and was just wearing a robe.

James had told me several times how he loved what taking all those hormones and breastfeeding had done to my breasts and nipples. He liked my mommy tits… all full of milk and distended, with my nipples much more enlarged and prominent and darker than normal.

He never let me wear bras anymore, except to work. He wanted my breasts just “out there”.

He always felt so proud telling his friends that a white girl was breastfeeding his new baby.

“Look at her! Ain’t she beautiful? My baby is getting the best milk in the world!”

He would even make comments like that in front of Shonda; he could be cruel that way. He use to say she was “fat like her mama”, because she had gained a lot of weight during her pregnancy, and was still struggling to lose it after she gave birth.

It bothered me that he was so mean to her, but it was tempered by the memory of how mean she was to me in the recent past.

When she was pregnant, James liked to watch us naked together in bed… writhing sexually… his two bitches, one deep chocolate, the other white vanilla.

He’d encourage me to go down on her, which I would… not because I particularly enjoyed it, but I just did it for him.

Shonda always took it further, and would make me lick out her ass. Which I hated, but I’d do it anyway because I knew what James would do if I resisted. And I didn’t want to get hit anymore.

By the time I left James in December, after he got arrested, his baby wasn’t the only one who had suckled on my breasts. There were two others who would be brought over sometimes… one by his cousin, and another by one of his friends… that James would make me breastfeed. I didn’t hate it, but it did feel kind of strange. Emotionally, I mean.

I had grown close to the baby… James and Shonda’s baby… even though I had taken to calling it my baby, and in my mind, because I was breastfeeding it, I was the baby’s real mama.

Shonda was also secretly breastfeeding the baby sometimes, but never when James was around. Obviously I knew she was doing it, but said nothing. I didn’t really like her much, but I didn’t hate her enough to totally destroy her relationship with her baby. Or to get her needlessly hurt by James and his violent temper.

After blowing his first load in my mouth… which is always the heaviest… and I swallowed it all… every drop, like a girl should… James wanted pussy.

He turned me around, moved my robe aside, had me back up, and took me from behind… his favorite position.

James has a really big cock, long and thick, but I was so used to his size… he had opened me up and stretched out my pussy long before… and I was with him for so long… and he fucked me so often (usually two or three times a day!)… his cock sank into me… balls-deep… in one stroke, like a hot knife through butter.

And then, basically, he fucked the shit out of me. James Style. Hard. Rough. Violent. Holding nothing back. No wonder my pussy looks like it’s been torn up and ruined. Bastard!

So… last night… maybe because I’m ovulating… I always get super horny when I’m ovulating… I couldn’t go any longer with out my BBC. I missed it, and needed it. I needed to feel a man between my legs again. A real man, with a real cock.

I’ve been having fun with Surfer Boy… a lot of fun, actually… but that’s different. He’s different. He’s just a boy-toy. A future PussyBoy, perhaps. Maybe. we’ll see. Someone to temporarily act out my FemDom drive with.

So… I got on Tinder last night. And changed my profile again. I was pretty direct about what I was looking for. “White. Blonde. Hot body. Happily married. Mostly. But hubby has a small dick. And I need extra large. Fortunately he travels. Often. Prefer pure-bred African men. The darker the better. Hung large and heavy. Who know how to hit it. Hard. Rough. Nasty. No strings. No drama. Just casual fun.”

I was lazy. I didn’t really want to go out. I wanted to “order” what I wanted, and have it delivered. Like pizza!

Tinder is easy to use, but not quite as immediately successful as you might think. It takes a while to weed through all the chafe. You can zero in on who you like, but then they have to respond back.

Just like when I met Surfer Boy, I took my time chatting and then talking with a few prospects. Then narrowed it down to two. Then to one, although I kept other one on standby. Just in case.

I met him at the same place I met Surfer Boy. My Tinder spot, ha ha.

I put on my wedding ring. I had lied about being married, obviously.

I told thy guy.. his name was Earl… that every once in a while I secretly need to get my black cock fix. It’s an addiction, I told him, that I’ve had since college.

“My husband knows, but doesn’t know. Not the details, anyway. He doesn’t want to.“

I lied about being married because I’ve found that if a black guy knows a white girl is married, but likes to fuck on the side, he knows from the get go that it’s just gonna be a casual thing. It cuts down on the possessiveness, tempers his jealousy, and reduces the drama.

A lot of alpha male types can be extremely possessive, jealous, and high drama. Aggressive and dangerous, sometimes. But if the guy thinks you’re married and just cheating… to him, you’re just an easy and occasional piece of ass. Which is all I wanted to be last night.

Earl was okay in bed. A seven, maybe. Not bad, but not amazing. He had a big dick, though, which I liked. He knew how to use it. Was energetic. Athletic. He got hard. Stayed hard. And came twice. But he wasn’t that creative.

To my surprise, he put his face between my legs and ate the pussy before he fucked it. He was lapping up my sweet meat like he was trying to get the cream! Most black guys don’t do that. Unless… I’ve heard… you’re married to them. Married black guys eat pussy… their wife’s pussy… because they’re know she’s faithful to them. Or so they think.

I probably won’t do him again. He made me cum, but it was mild, and it took him too long, and I’m used to amazing.

And something I’ve learned… a guy doesn’t become amazing in bed over time. He’s either amazing the first time, or he isn’t. It’s not something you can teach.

Earl was basically in and out. Literally. He was only actually here about an hour.

After he left, I walked down to the hot tub to relax. I turned off all the outside lights because I wanted it dark. I like dark.

Kimberly had a guy over the other night; not sure who. I know it wasn’t Ty or Darnell. A new guy, maybe? Our former dance instructor, maybe? I’m not sure. What I do know is that he was with her in the pool house for about three hours that I could tell… so she must have enjoyed it, ha ha.

So… now I’m curious about the other one. Mr. Standby. I need to call him back…