A few thoughts


So I have had a few questions about men and my interest in black men and maybe you couldn’t tell from my blog so I will say it out loud.

I am a submissive, not a switch, not a Domme, a submissive.  This means I like dominant people any race…men and women.  I am not looking for a lover, a boyfriend or a soul mate.

I am however looking for someone who is going to fuck me raw, smack me around, use all three orifices and basically think of me as fuck meat. 

Now before all of you guys start filling my inbox and chat up with offers, understand you need to be able to convince my trainer/therapist that you can do the job because frankly, just because you want to have sex does not mean that you can satisfy me.

She has the perfect attitude.

I think she’s gonna make a really good slut someday…